Mydera SpeakeMeFree



     Born and raised in Norristown, Pennsylvania, Mydera “SpeakMeFree” Robinson is a poet, writer, artist, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and educator. Mydera SpeakMeFree has been writing since childhood and growing up she was influenced by the works of Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, Sonia Sanchez, and Lauryn Hill.


     While attending Morgan State University in 2002 she stumbled upon a performance by Baltimore staple Olu Butterfly. At the time Olu was promoting her book, Revenge of the Dandelion. Mydera purchased a copy of the book and after reading it time and time again she realized that she actually wanted to become a poet herself some day.


     In 2010 Mydera SpeakMeFree began attending poetry events and sharing her own poetry for the first time. Her love for the craft of poetry has grown enormously since hitting the stage and giving her words through performing. Feeding off of her love of the stage and performing she set out to record her first spoken word album, Confessions of a Caterpillar. While recording the album Mydera lost her adopted mother, Phyllis Cole, who has been one of Mydera's greatest inspirations. When her daughter was younger Phyllis would often say of Mydera, “she may not be a fan of everything her daughter did, but she would always be a fan of her daughter”. Her life and legacy challenges Mydera to continue to live out her dreams everyday. Her newest album, Confessions of a Caterpillar is one of those dreams. 

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